Farley Reunion 2014

The following pictures were taken on August 2nd, 2014 in the Soldier Community Center by myself. As an outsider*, I am not able to put names with some of the people is these pictures. I am relying on Don Farley, my second cousin, and Janet Farley Ronnebaum, his niece, to fill in the names. They will be added soon. As usual, I did not take any pictures of my wife and myself, so I can't prove that I was there.

* I don't feel like an outsider because they have been so welcoming to my wife and me. Mary Melissa Gordon Farley is my Great Grand Aunt. Her brother, Oliver Gordon is my line.

The pictures in this website has been compressed to 25% of their original file size so they will load quicker on your computer. If you want copies at the original size, contact me at dean@edlnklgen.com and indicate which pictures you want. They will be emailed to you.
Dean Landman

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